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About Us
About us
MELKAT is one of the most dynamic Greek engineering companies in the field of construction and provision of integrated facility management.

Since 1998 has been active at the national level with Design, Supervision and Construction of Electromechanical Installations, Energy Upgrading of Buildings, as well as with the Operation, Maintenance, Technical Support and Management of Large Buildings Facilities and Infrastructure.

MELKAT is certified according to the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 / ISO 14001:2015


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Our vision
Leadership & Innovation in field of services

Our vision:
Our vision is structured with the goal of continuously not only by delivering innovative and high quality services but also creating new business action areas that add real value to all of our customers and partners. The pillars of our operation are innovation, reliability and the provision of unsurpassed quality services that guarantee uninterrupted & efficient operation of your facilities with dedication & commitment to your particular and special needs.
Our goal
Recognition of needs: Each customer has different and distinct needs and requirements. For that reason we put particular emphasis on personalization when designing and delivering our services.

We consistently offer comprehensive high quality services keeping costs low.

Since our inception, we have remained faithful to specific values that govern the relationship of the company with its employees, suppliers, and customers. See the code of conduct we apply here
High Technology
We utilize our know-how, innovative and cost-effective approaches that we have developed in the field of technical support service and maintenance of electrical installations
Our people

MELKAT employs several people as permanent workers and scientific staff of higher Technical and Economic Education.

We constantly strive for the continuous training of all human resources in new & innovative forms of technology and methods of providing our services and we continuously invest in the further development and specialization of their skills and competences in cutting-edge scientific fields. If necessary, we work with well-trained outsourcers, subcontractors and skilled technicians of all specialties in order to be 100% efficient according to the specific needs of the work you have assigned us. The high level of the executives as well as the specialized knowledge of the craftsmen combined with the corporate culture constitute a homogeneous set, able to undertake and carry out projects of high quality specifications in the shortest time possible with the most efficient and qualitative results.

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