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Replacing Evaporative Condenser


MELKAT completed successfully the replacement of  Ammonia NH3 – R717 evaporative condenser .

The project involved rental refrigeration machine in order to provide cooling water during the works, the disassembling of the old condenser, the supply and installation of the new one and connections with the existing networks (ammonia, electrical, plumbing)

In order to ensure quality services, network leakage tests were carried out with specialized equipment, as well as non-destructive tests using the radiography method.

Technical data of the condenser

Max. capacity : 810 kW

Refrigerant : NH3-R717 (Ammonia)

Condensing temperature : 35.0 °C

Operating weight : 7600 kg

Fan : 1 x 18.5 kW

Air flow : 22.8 m³/s


See below the related video of the project

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